Working with us

To set the whole translation process in motion, the ball’s in the client’s court. 

Send us a message or book a free consultation to give us all the details you can about your project, so that we can send you the most accurate quote possible.

We will send you a detailed proposal for your project. If it all looks good to you, you’ll just need to sign it electronically, pay a 25% deposit and we’re in business.

Getting started

To create the best possible translation, preparation is key.

So, before we get started, we’ll talk about your requirements, discuss the style guide and chat about the right tone of voice. If you have any relevant reference materials or anything that’s previously been translated, then we ask for you to send that through at this stage too, as it will help with consistency. 

Once that’s done, we can get stuck into our industry research and, using reliable sources, compile a list of specific terms that will be useful for the translation.

The translation

For the translation itself, we use Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tools, as do the vast majority of translation professionals out there. 

There are various popular CAT tools available but they all pretty much do the same thing. They remember the way that terms and chunks of text have been translated in the past, streamlining translation, and helping with consistency. 

So, all the documents that we’ve previously translated in the same field or for the same client help us to translate new projects efficiently and acurrately. 

When it comes to any queries we might have about the project, we try to strike the right balance between not bothering our clients with unnecessary questions, whilst firmly believing that it’s always better to ask than it is to assume.

Quality assurance

Once the text is translated, there’s still plenty of work to do to make sure that it’s of the best possible quality. We run quality assurance checks to pick up on any mismatch of key terms, inconsistent translations, typos and spacing, amongst other things.

But machines aren’t always enough, so our translations are always reviewed by a second qualified professional. It can be hard for a translator to pick up on small errors when they’ve spent so long working on the same text, so another translator is a great second pair of eyes. They make sure that the texts are coherent and that they read well.

Depending on the type of document or text, there may still be another stage involved. Printable documents will require formatting. If we’re translating web copy, then we review it once it’s up on the site to ensure it’s flawless and works well with the visuals. And if it’s an app, we then go into the testing phase.

Whatever the document type or subject matter, there are some things that are true for every project we work on, like the fact we always deliver every project either on or before the deadline.
We like to think of every project as a collaboration, so we’re open to any feedback and we’re happy to offer one round of changes after delivery.

Feedback and invoicing

Once we’re happy with the final result, we send the project invoice through. It can be settled within 10 days by either bank transfer or Paypal. 

Once all is done and dusted, the final step is the customer satisfaction survey, which is your chance to leave honest feedback about your experience working with us, and about the quality of our work.

There’s nothing we like more than building long-term relationships with clients, so we make it our business to make sure that every single client goes away happy, and thinks of us the next time they find themselves in need of a translation into Portuguese.

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