Translation for Healthcare & Wellness

Ready to unlock the Portuguese market for your healthcare and wellness brand? 

The healthcare and wellness industry is thriving, but in such a competitive space it can be hard to keep up.

And if you don’t keep your head in the game and your eyes on the prize when it comes to making a big decision like taking your business across borders, you can easily fall behind.

You need a translation agency who knows your industry inside out. 

At TAGS, we can make sure your translations into Portuguese hit the very back of the net.


The words you chose can make or break your business in the sports sector. Motivating people can be tricky. When it comes to translation you need a team you can rely on, so your translated texts get your Portuguese-speaking audience off the sofa, excited about buying or using your product or service.


With so many brands and influencers out there claiming to be experts on nutrition, you need to set yourself apart with quality content and copy that shows potential customers you can be trusted. As specialists in this field, we’ll adapt your words to prove to potential Portuguese-speaking customers that you really know your onions.

Mental Health

It’s been a long time coming, but we’re finally starting to take mental health just as seriously as we do physical health. If you work in this expanding industry, your words need to be very carefully chosen. Count on native professionals for your communication in Portuguese to make sure your message is culturally sensitive and hits just the right note.   

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