SEO online course for translators

Diversify your offer with SEO linguistic services and learn how SEO can boost your own marketing strategy.

Alice Barbeau
ExcelIent training
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I already had some knowledge of SEO but I always felt a bit overwhelmed whenever I received a SEO translation request, not knowing what to start with. This training has answered all my questions, I feel like a I have a clear understanding of SEO translation and I now know exactly what to do (step-by-step) whenever I receive a SEO translation project. Thank you!
Jane Eggers
Fun and useful course!
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I enjoyed doing the course and learnt a lot. I liked the mix of text and video, plus the exercises that helped me see whether I'd really understood what I'd just learnt. Thank you!
Cinzia Simona Minniti
Just amazing!
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This course gives a comprehensive overview of SEO translation. Everything is explained in a simple and practical way. I'm sure this new knowledge will help me find new clients and offer new services!
Paige Baillie
Great tool for SEO beginners
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Whether you are looking to improve your own website's SEO or add it to your list of language services you provide, then this course is a great way to help you understand how it all works.
Tine Reichert
Excellent course tailored to your needs as an LSP
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This was an excellent course to connect the dots (aka SEO terms) that have been on my mind for a long time, but I felt overwhelmed with researching on my own. The structure of this course feels very natural to follow and you can always detect the golden thread that ties it all together. I can imagine this course being helpful for many different kinds of language service providers. Thank you, Teresa!
Marion Cattaneo
A very quick comprehensive course
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Thanks to this course, I got the full picture of what SEO is and what is expected of a translator when they are requested to do some SEO localization. The quizz and exercices that are provided also help to assimilate the lesson. Thank you!

become an seo-savvy translator

This online course will give you the tools you need to provide your clients with search engine optimisation (SEO) translation and related services. 

It’s a comprehensive course designed for translators with little or no knowledge of SEO

You’ll cover a lot of ground, from what SEO really is and how it works, through to the research and audit phase, before getting stuck into localising keywords, meta tags, search engine ads, and creating your own optimised content.

Looking for SEO training for your translation team?
If you’re representing a translation company, university or translators’ association, check out my tailored SEO training for Language Service Providers

what MY students say

Pauline Subran
Thorough and practical training
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There are so many great things about this training: structure, tone, level of detail, examples, advice on free and paying tools, downloadable resources, technical support (if needed).
Lucie Gallen
Amazing value for so much content
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Well-structured course with units that were easy to sink your teeth into no matter how limited your time is. And the resources provided - 🥇
Ulrike Heinze
The essence of SEO
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'Become an SEO-savvy Translator' delivers everything it promises in the title. It's a very convenient course that you can follow in your own time, very clearly explained with videos and texts, links to tools, so that you can check it out straightaway, and it also includes some exercises to test your knowledge. At the end of it you'll find a list with links for additional reading, a list with links to all tools discussed in the course, plus a pdf copy of the course for easy referencing when you put what you've learned into practice. Teresa explains very well, the course is well-structured and easy to follow, and I am looking forward to the next TAGS course on a new topic.
Laetitia Gathion
Excellent actionable insights into SEO-localization
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I can highly recommend this course to all professional translators who are curious about SEO and want to gain actionable knowledge in order to offer new services to their clients.
Solène BINET
The best practical training I had so far
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This SEO training for translators is perfect for those who, like me, like to get a practical dive into several tools and aspects during a course. Theory is nice, getting your hands dirty is way better! The exercises are clear, the questions are well put, and the course material is fantastic!
Daniele Giulianelli
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The perfect guide to understand SEO in the translation/transcreation/localization process. Many tools presented, helpful tips and some practical exercises for a wonderful mix. Thanks Teresa!

What you’ll gain

More about your trainer

Hi! I’m Teresa, and I’ll be your trainer.

I’ve been interested in SEO since my early days as a solopreneur, and I’ve always tried to keep up with the latest trends and implement them on my business with excellent results.
My website even got to Google’s first search results page. Not bad, right?
But still, when I started getting my first SEO-related requests from my translation clients I felt a bit lost. Even with the help of client guidelines and all the information available online, there seemed to be a lack of useful resources on this subject that could be specifically applied to translation.

That’s why I decided to get to work and create this online course.
See you there?


Tuulikki Olkkonen
Very good course for translators, who want to translate SEO texts
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I've just finished the course, and I loved it! I had already previous knowledge about SEO, I had done other courses, some keyword research for clients and translated metatags, but I didn't really know, what to expect from an SEO translation assignment and how to do it. Now I know! I'm so much more confident to say yes to SEO translation. So, thank you for this course, I just loved it!
Sabine Sapp
An excellent course
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Although I’m not a newbie in the field of SEO translation, a course covering this topic was on my CPD wish list. The course content sounded very promising, so I enrolled without hesitation. I must admit that this comprehensive course really exceeded my expectations. It is tailored for translators who either want to start specializing in SEO translation or who want to extend their knowledge and skills in this field. The course provides participants with detailed information about all things SEO, practical tips, checklists, a comprehensive glossary, practical examples, links to SEO-related articles, and even an e-book which can serve as a reference book for respective translation assignments. I particularly liked the examples of typical client requests as well as the exercises and quizzes. Thank you so much, Teresa, for this excellent course! I really enjoyed participating in it! Your e-book with the course content will have a permanent place in my e-book library.
Isabelle Vereecken
Excellent online SEO course for translators
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Teresa's online training course exceeded my expectations. It's interesting and useful, clearly structured and offers good material for future reference. I feel I now know how to tackle SEO translation jobs. Thanks a lot, Teresa!
Verity Roat
Really thorough!
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I feel like I understand SEO a lot better now and there's lots I can implement to improve my website! Thank you!
Kate McCane
Very informative
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I just want to say thank you so much for this course - I'm now confident that I can provide SEO if that's what a client asks for, and I'm looking forward to using what I learned to optimise my own website.
Clementine Terrell
Great course, very comprehensive
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Very comprehensive course which covers a lot in terms of SEO, with links to some excellent outside resources and websites. Really liked the videos throughout, used to demonstrate what was being taught, as well as the downloadable checklists/glossary etc... I will use a lot of what I have learnt to improve my own translation website. Thank you!

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