Portuguese content that will please both the Google Gods and your human readers… not necessarily in that order.

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Portuguese SEO translation

They say that if you want to bury something, you should do so on the second page of Google.

Translating your website or content into Portuguese already makes it much more likely that Portuguese-speakers will come across it.

But if you want to make sure you’re ranking highly in the search results when people are searching for a brand just like yours, you need to make sure your translator is taking Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) into consideration.

Teresa is a great partner for projects in PT and SEO projects. Not a single doubt there!

SEO-related language services

One good way to start your SEO journey is giving your existing content a health check up. I’ll run an audit, looking at your strengths and areas you could improve, and suggest an action plan. Then you can breathe new life into your digital home, page by page.

If you’re thinking about translating your website content into Portuguese, let’s start at the beginning. If there was a keyword strategy behind the creation of the original copy, then the first step is localising said keywords. I’ll put my market expertise to work for you and find the right keywords to weave into your Portuguese content.

Do you need me to conduct keyword research and provide you with a content outline before starting the actual content writing? Do you need an image search? Or will you take care of that yourself and leave just the writing to me?

Everytime you create a new page on your website, there’s time and effort involved. So, let’s do everything right and start by finding the right keywords. I’ll put myself in the shoes of your ideal customer and find the perfect keywords for your new page.

Just appearing on the first search results page isn’t enough. You still have to convince users to click and visit your page. I’ll suggest an appealing URL, title and description for your pages, to drive results and create a seamless experience for your future clients.

Using visual elements and different types of content can be extremely enriching to your website. But if you’re including these elements, let’s make sure they’re accessible to everyone. I’ll translate/create alt text for your images and translate your video subtitles so that every Portuguese consumer can fully experience your content.

Be it small snippets of text, product descriptions, full product and service pages or blog articles, you can count on me to create compelling content that will please search engines and human readers alike.

If your website isn’t driving the results you wanted, let me add my magic touch. With a few small steps, we can increase visits, ranking and conversion. You’ll end up with a page that works for you and reels in those loyal customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a paid version of Ubersuggest that I use to check search volumes, do a competitor search, audits or to get content ideas. That being said, I’m comfortable using any other SEM tools, as long as I’m given details to access paid versions.

Besides having a genuine interest and keeping up to date with trends for my own business and website, I’ve had extensive training in this topic in order to provide SEO-related language services to my clients. Over the last few years, I’ve had the chance to work on numerous SEO projects in various fields. I’m also an SEO educator and regularly provide SEO training to translators.

By regularly checking your analytics, you should see an increase in the number of visitors to or interactions with your website. However, please note that SEO is a long process involving numerous factors, so it might take some time for you to get results.

I’m available to regularly tweak or update your content as often as you need for an hourly fee.

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