Translation for Fashion & Beauty

Ready to unlock the Portuguese market for your healthcare and wellness brand? 

As a brand in the fashion or beauty niche, you know that these days, online shopping is king. 

As a brand in the fashion or beauty niche, you know that these days, online shopping is king.
But you also know that in order to convince customers to buy online, you need to win their trust.

And a big part of getting them to trust you is speaking their language.

When their language is one you don’t speak, then it’s your turn to trust an agency to produce compelling translations for you.

Here at TAGS Language Solutions, we’re passionate about fashion and beauty, and channel that passion into providing Portuguese translations that sell for brands both established and emerging.


The right words can send your sales through the roof. Several apparel companies trust us with the translation of their product descriptions, website copy and blog posts, amongst other things, to allow them to tap into the Portuguese-speaking market and make those conversions.


These days, people are becoming far more cautious about the provenance and contents of any cosmetics they purchase. They won’t put just anything on their skin, so companies in the cosmetics industry need to do everything within their power to prove their credibility, starting with their words. From sales copy to product descriptions to instructions for use, turn to experts for all your cosmetic industry translations.


When you’re asking your customers to pay a premium for your products you need to deliver a premium service. Mistakes in your product descriptions, catalogues, or any of your communication with your clients will damage your credibility in their eyes and make them reluctant to part with their hard-earned cash. A professional translation service is a small investment that will be worth its weight in gold.

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