Are you ready to expand your brand?

If you’re reading this, then things with your business are probably going pretty well.

But no matter how confident you are in your entrepreneurial abilities and how much faith you have in your brand, expansion is a big deal.

Expanding into an entirely new market and selling to a target audience with an entirely different culture that speaks an entirely different language is always going to be a daunting prospect.

Particularly when you’re doing it for the very first time.


and start creating a flawless multilingual strategy for your brand.

What People Say

This is a really useful source! In past experiences, I've seen brands spend lots of money on launching a market before researching it or without the resource to maintain it long term. They believe that some initial pages (badly) translated is enough to suffice. I think your guide really helps brands think things through and decide on markets that will be best for them.
Joy Corkery
Content Marketing Lead, Latana
No doubt about it, expansion is a big deal. After all, you'll decide which international markets to enter, address and navigate cultural differences, translate and localize content, take into consideration global branding issues... the list never ends. I'd like to commend Teresa for creating a global expansion guide that's easy and interesting to read and that addresses many of the most important tasks to be addresses during this process. Two thumbs up!
Chris Raulf
Founder and SEO Expert. Boulder SEO Marketing and CR Global Digital MArketing

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