Is is time for you to expand your brand?

Whether you sell goods or services, once you reach a certain stage with your local and national sales then it’s only natural that you should start to look beyond your borders and wonder what business opportunities might be out there, just waiting to be grabbed with both hands.

After all, expanding into a different market can offer a business all kinds of benefits, the most obvious being a boost in sales. Beyond just that, however, it can also grow your brand image, and means that you have a kind of insurance policy that should in theory protect you from being too badly affected by the fluctuations of your domestic economyThink of it as not having all your eggs in one basket.

But, no matter how confident you are in your entrepreneurial abilities and how much faith you have in your brand, expansion is a big deal. Expanding into an entirely new market and selling to a target audience with an entirely different culture that speaks an entirely different language, or at least a specific dialect, is always going to be a daunting prospect. Particularly when you’re doing it for the very first time.

It’s also going to involve significant chunk of investment and will probably involve more than a few steep learning curves, so it’s important that you’re 100% sure that your business is ready for the leap before you take it. Then, you can face the challenge head on and enjoy the voyage of discovery, rather than being overwhelmed by it.

I’m here to help you figure out if you’re ready to expand your business into other markets and, if that’s the case, decide which country or countries you should be setting your sights on.​

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