App localisation

To be successful in another language, an app needs more than just translation.

It needs to be localized to your new target market, making sure it’s clear, the tone of voice is just right, and everything fits perfectly on your users’ different sized screens.

Your user needs to feel like it’s been created just for them, rather than just translated from another language as an afterthought.

It’s all about nailing the right terminology, changing any practical things like currency or units or measurements, and adapting any content that might be culturally insensitive.

And that’s something only a native expert in Portuguese can give you insight into.

At TAGS Language Solutions, we believe that if you’re going to do something, you might as well do it properly.

So, trust us to perfect the app you’ve put so much hard work into for a Portuguese audience.

Did you know that…

of online shoppers

could be lost if an app fails to localize well 

1 %

had more conversions that English-only campaigns

1 %

prefer to browse the internet in their native language

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