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App localisation into Portuguese

To be successful in another language, an app needs more than just translation.

It needs to be localised to your new target market, making sure it’s clear, the tone of voice is just right, and everything fits perfectly on your users’ different sized screens.

Your user needs to feel like it’s been created with them in mind, rather than just translated from another language as an afterthought.

It’s all about nailing the right terminology, changing any practical things like currency or units or measurements, and adapting any content that might be culturally insensitive.

A final result that sounds natural for native speakers and not just an obvious translated text is what you want?
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Frequently Asked Questions

That depends on your preferred file format and your requirements. I’m usually comfortable with app localisation tools, like Phrase or Onesky, but I’m happy to take the time to get familiar with any other tool you use.

Brazilian Portuguese is distinct from European Portuguese. They differ in terms of grammar, syntax, vocabulary, and spelling, not to mention cultural references, which are crucial in a good app localisation project. Being originally from Portugal, I translate exclusively into my mother tongue, European Portuguese.

Localising an app can take somewhere between a few weeks to months. If you’re thinking about expanding internationally, it’s a good idea to start thinking about a localisation strategy early on to make sure everything is perfect and ready to go on your intended launch dates.

App localisation is usually charged by the hour, as it usually involves a lot more than a word-by-word translation. Once I have a good idea of the work involved, I’ll provide an estimate of costs.

Yes, once the initial localisation stage is finished, you can count on me to keep your localised app updated whenever a new version is released or new content is added.

Yes, once your app is localised I can take care of the translation of any marketing content (press releases, newsletters, web copy, social media campaigns, etc..).

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