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About me

Hi! I’m Teresa, a Portuguese language expert living between Porto and Brussels and I’m here to help you sell your products and services to the Portuguese-speaking audience.
I happen to think I’m pretty fun to work with, but my clients also describe me as:

Just perfect

Highly professional

A very nice person and (well, look at that!) Fun to work with

But that’s quite enough about me. It’s time for you to let me know which of these sums you up.

Is your brand already global?

Even better. Well done!
Now, get your subsidiaries communicating effectively and maintain your customers’ loyalty while you attract new ones.
How? By leveraging well-crafted technical, business and marketing content.

Contact us and let’s kick things off.


My clients

My clients are international organisations, SMEs or start-up companies wishing to enter the Portuguese market as well as translation agencies. For confidentiality reasons, I do not disclose the names of my clients but you can find below some types of companies with whom I have worked:

Fashion & Beauty

Travel industry

Interior design

Where do translators work?

Whilst pretty much everyone knows what translation is, a lot of people aren’t very clear on exactly what it is translators do, and where they do it. They’ve got a mental image of people typing away in UN offices somewhere, but beyond that, they’re not certain where, how and for whom translators actually work. If […]

Different needs, different services

When looking for a language service provider, it is useful to know some terminology in order to state your requirements and expectations clearly. This will save you time and money. So here are some terms you might want to get familiar with before contacting a language service provider. Translation: If you have written texts in […]

Brazilian Portuguese: what’s the difference after all?

  One of the most common misconceptions about languages is concerning language variants. American and British English, European and Latin American Spanish are some examples. Portuguese is no exception and it is not unusual for people to believe one version is adequate to all Portuguese-speaking countries (Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, Portugal, and São […]


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