Tell your brand's story in Portuguese

Why Portuguese?

When it comes to picking the right market, bigger isn't always best.

Find out why translating your content into Portuguese could be the best thing you’ve ever done for your business.

Language services for lifestyle brands

Content marketing is massively important for businesses of any size in any industry and
if you want to make your brand go global, you need to make sure that everything is accessible to Portuguese speakers.
After all, there are 250 million of us.

That’s where I step in.

I know just how to phrase your content into beautifully nuanced, persuasive Portuguese to reel in prospective clients and keep them coming back for more.

Do any of these services sound like they could be just what you’re looking for? Want to discover more about how the whole translation process works? Click the button below for an overview, and to find out about the next steps.


About me

Hi there, I’m Teresa Sousa. I was born in Porto, in the north of Portugal, but these days I split my time between Portugal and Brussels, Belgium, where I live with my husband and my two wonderful dogs, Jack and Anita.

I’ve been working in the translation industry for 15 years in total and running TAGS Language Solutions since 2015, so when it comes to helping brands unlock the Portuguese market, I’ve got no shortage of experience.

I love my native language, and can’t wait to show you everything it could have to offer.

Book an introductory online meeting with me and tell me all about your brand and your goals. I’ll be happy to help set you on course to achieve them.

My clients

My clients are international organisations, SMEs or start-up companies who want to unlock the Portuguese market.

I love mixing things up and switching between different types of project and subject areas.

But I do have a soft spot for innovative, inspiring brands that focus on offering their clients the experiences and lifestyle they crave.


“Trying to find a reliable Portuguese linguist has been one of our biggest challenges, which is why we’re so happy with Teresa! Our marketing content is always handled with great care, and the quality is perfect. Thanks for being awesome and we’re looking forward to working with you into the future!”
Sarah Presch
Managing director
Retro Digital International
“Just perfect. Highly professional. I have no idea what Teresa could do better.
She is fun to work with and a very nice person also.”

Miriam Reith
Creative director

But that’s quite enough about me.

It’s time for you to let me know which of these sums you up.

Teresa, tell me more about

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